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Workshops and Talks

Support and empower your team and community to prioritise their wellbeing and improve their lives.

I deliver workshops and motivational talks to the public, in schools and businesses; inspiring people to believe in themselves, their ideas, ambitions and individuality. 

I also lead Mindful Walking sessions in-person and/or virtually to help people cultivate mindfulness into their days. 

I can help to improve the wellbeing of your team, your community or your pupils through my group coaching, mindfulness teaching and neuro linguistic programming. My workshops help people respond more effectively to challenging situations and emotions, improve their communication and build their confidence, so they can enjoy what they do, embrace their creativity and feel calmer and more confident.

I support people with a whole range of topics, some of which are below. 


Stress Management

Burnout and Self Care


Digital Wellbeing

Everyday Mindfulness

Positive Mindset

Mindful Movement 

Sessions are typically 60 minutes, allowing people to attend during the working day. These can be delivered as live sessions in person or online. A downloadable, playback can be provided if online. If you're interested to hear more let's chat. 

The work I do in schools is with the organisation Girls Out Loud. Together we inspire, empower and support teenage girls to believe in themselves and their futures. I  deliver workshops and talks to help the students deal with the multitude of pressures they face as teens. 

Guided Mindful Walks
Help your team to feel their best with a short break in the day to have a mindful walk; relieving stress and connecting to nature. 

Client Testimonials

"Emily delivered a mindset and mindfulness workshop for our employees during our wellbeing month. It was really engaging, accessible and interactive. Emily packed the session with practical tips and interactive exercises. Emily worked with us beforehand to make sure the workshop met the needs of our colleagues. Everyone who attended got a lot from the session!"







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