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Empowering LGBTQIA+ people
and Allies to feel their most confident and authentic

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Tailored to you!

You choose what support you need, depending on time and budget, I build you a program to match!
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Here's some case studies for you...

CLIENT #1 (she/her)
Queer, Mid-30s

CLIENT #2 (she/her)

CLIENT #3 (she/her)

Feeling stuck and seeking balance, this client invested in bi-weekly coaching for 2 years for £140 a month. Now thriving in a new job with confidence, they've transformed their life by addressing stress, setting boundaries, improving communication, managing anxiety, and implementing self-care tools to prevent burnout.

Feeling overwhelmed without
a routine, this client wanted support to create a work-life balance as a freelancer, while dealing with anxiety. They invested in weekly mind-body sessions to include physical strength training for £250 a month. 12 months on they've gone beyond what they
set out to achieve; now attracting consistent clients, managing anxiety and actually enjoying regular exercise.

New to exercise and looking for a long term solution for exercise motivation, this client had a weekly budget of £50. This meant we could train 1-1 for an hour per week. In sessions their focus was on the amount of fun they were having and my focus was making sure they did the right exercises to the right intensity. After 12 weeks the client was physically fitter but more importantly what was important was the consistent training, the joy and inspiration they had to train and the knowledge that feeling good in their body impacted feeling good in their mind.

You can choose a one-off package to receive comprehensive guidance and support to meet your life, work, mindset and movement goals.

About Brinny

I've spent years training and developing tools and strategies to help people
feel more confident, resilient and present in their life, work and relationships.

I deliver impactful coaching sessions to individuals, corporate teams and
the LGBTQIA+ community, helping them to thrive and develop skills they
need to be their best self. 

With 10+ years experience working in Media Production, I know what it's
like to try and strike a work/life balance, hard! My approach is realistic,
empathetic and positive to help people prioritise their health and wellbeing,
while dealing with the challenges that will come up.

Combining my experiences with the latest research in psychology,
neuroscience and fitness means you get the best support. 

I'm a certified NLP Practitioner, qualified Personal Trainer and Personal

Performance Life Coach. 

I am non-binary, live in Brighton, right near the sea, enjoy spending as much

time outside as possible and love teaching and supporting my clients here and all over the world. 

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