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Transform your life 
with Coaching that empowers you to be authentic, find your confidence and create more joy

Create Your Calm 
My free meditations to help you manage stress and create calm in mind and body 

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Hello, I'm Emily! 

Hi, I'm Brinny!

I support people, to feel better about who they are, what they do and how they move. 

I believe to feel happy and healthy we need to exercise our minds and our bodies, not just one. And that's what I'm here to help you with. 


To build strength in mind and body and improve your confidence, self esteem and belief at the same time.


As a qualified PT and NLP Coach I get to help others move from what's holding them back to feeling more positive in mind and body so they can feel more positive in life. 

As a non binary coach it's my mission to empower everybody to reconnect with themselves in a safe, supportive and comfortable way.


How I can help you

Brinny Does
one to one coaching
in person or online


Helping you improve your mindset, challenge limiting beliefs and develop confidence, courage and compassion to improve your everyday life.


Mind and Movement


How we move impacts how we feel and vice versa. That's why I bring Mind and Movement Coaching together. Helping you to build strength in mind, body and life. To connect to yourself, others and movement in a happier, healthier way. 


Movement Coaching

Mind Coaching

Helping you build strength and improve mobility for life, boost your self image and connect to movement that feels right and enjoyable to you.

You can work with me in different ways. The strongest combination is having Mind and Movement Coaching. This involves having one to one PT and Mind sessions. You can of course focus solely on one area, Mind or Body. The choice is yours. Before any coaching begins you can book a free consultation to work out what the best approach is for you.

How I can help
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Bright & Hove

in person

Platform Studio

FMG Project



via Zoom

Anywhere in the world

What my clients say

Lizzy Holroyd Photo_edited_edited.jpg

Lizzy Holroyd
- Marketing and Comms Manager

Brinny helped me to feel more positive about myself and my life. I now approach my days differently. I no longer stand in my own way and I am more confident about myself and the choices I make. 

RIVCA Burns_edited.jpg

Rivca Burns
- Events and Festivals Director 

I now have more self confidence, trust and belief! I feel proud for exploring and embracing my vulnerabilities. Brinny listens, is patient and provides you with the tools and techniques you need to keep on track. I would 100% recommend Brinny and will continue to work with them!

Fran Bibby.jpeg

Fran Bibby
- Producer

Brinny helped me to improve my relationship to movement, exercise and body image as well as navigating big life changes. I no longer feel guilty for resting and listening to what my body needs. I have discovered new ways of moving that feel supportive, intuitive and fun. I now feel more confident and trusting in myself and have made big shifts in my life professionally and personally!

M Story
My Story

Why did I become a coach? 

Because I know first hand the positive impact making change can have on mind, body and life. 

Back in 2015 I realised what I had in life wasn’t making me happy. I was stressed, overworked, disconnected from myself and not making time to care for my mind and body.


I made big changes to improve my life. I said goodbye to my full time job, ended a relationship and moved home, to start again. The next two years saw me move from being exhausted to feeling energised, having better relationships, and more confidence. 


And how?

Because I started training my mind and body with respect, compassion and care. I started making my mental and physical health a priority.

Fast forward 4 years later and I'm now helping others do the same through my coaching. 


Making changes can be hard and scary. But it's SO worth it!

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