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Empowering queer and trans+ people to build happy, affirming, confident lives.

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I’m Brinny. A proud queer, neurodivergent, non-binary human.

I work as a Mind-Body Coach, Facilitator and Trainer. Helping people to feel happier and healthier in their mind, body and life. I do this through group facilitation, workshops, classes and 1-1s.

I support people to live authentically so they can make healthier choices in work and life. Right now I am working with Calm to deliver wellbeing workshops across the UK. And the charity Not a Phase to deliver their Trans+ Misfits classes in Brighton. This work matters so much to me. I want to make the world a better place, especially for my trans and non binary community.
I live in Brighton, right near the sea, enjoy spending as much time outside as possible and love teaching and supporting
my clients here and all over the world.

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Free movement classes for trans+ adults in Brighton brought to you by Not a Phase.

Inclusive, affirming, fun classes to help you get stronger in
mind and body, connect with community and feel more comfortable exercising.



An online membership for trans+ people to support their mental, physical and social health. As a member of the club you get Mind and Body workouts, mental health resources and a community
to affirm and uplift you!


Read more about how I can support you through a combination of life coaching and movement training.


I work with businesses to improve wellbeing, culture and inclusion across their teams. Through workshop facilitation, group training and 1-1s.


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Having a safe space to exercise
in and connect to other trans+ people has improved my mental health loads! It’s such a gender affirming space where everyone can just be themselves. Brinny is so supportive and is always there to help you with anything. Motivating and accommodating!


Misfit and member of
The Trans+ Club

I love the sense of community Brinny has created. Everyone is encouraged to come as you are and do what you can. Brinny never puts any pressure on anyone and has really taught me the importance of moving for my mind. Brinny has so much enthusiasm, energy and care for the people they work with.


Misfit and member of
The Trans+ Club

Being part of a community who
can identify with things I have
gone through and don’t judge
me is really helpful. Working with Brinny has helped me look forward to moving my body and manage my stress better. I love Brinny’s coaching style too!


Misfit and member of
The Trans+ Club

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