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I’m Brinny!


I am passionate about helping people connect to their minds and bodies in affirming, inclusive and joyful ways. For years I’ve supported people to take better care of themselves on their own terms. I truly believe movement, exercise and mindfulness can be great tools for self care, self enquiry, awareness and connection, if we use them in ways that feel safe, inclusive and accessible to us. And that’s my aim with the work I do and the spaces I create. To be inclusive of all people, identities and bodies. And help people to access practices in ways that feel good for them.


I support people to live authentically so they can make healthier choices in work and life. I've spent years training and developing tools and strategies to help people feel more confident and resilient in their life, work and relationships. Right now I am working with Calm to deliver wellbeing workshops across the UK. And the charity Not a Phase to deliver their Trans+ Misfits classes in Brighton. This work matters so much to me. I want to make the world a better place, especially for my trans and non binary community.

I am a qualified Life Coach and Personal Trainer and have been working in Health and Wellbeing since 2016. During my late 20s I went through lots of change both personally and professionally. After studying English then Broadcast Journalism I had a career in media production and advertising. This experience was fun, fast paced and exciting. Eventually though I realised I was going into cycles of burnout due to the high levels of stress and not understanding how to deal with it. I started practicing Mindfulness, yoga, learning more about mental health and how I could take better care of myself. I went on a journey… haha. Thankfully, this helped me to move towards a career that aligned with me as person. And I understood more deeply what I need to be regulated and feel good.

I bring my personal experience with mental health and stress into the work I do. It’s important for people to learn how to cope with their stress so they can live and work doing what they enjoy. It’s always important for me to share that I have made many changes to find what feels right and good for me in my work and life. It’s my hope that can inspire you too.

My approach is authentic, realistic, fun and caring. I want those I work with to feel affirmed, safe and joyful. Of course as humans we ebb and flow so wherever you are on this journey we call live be kind to yourself.

I am a proud queer, neurodivergent, non-binary human. I work as a Mind-Body Coach, Facilitator and Trainer. Helping people to feel happier and healthier in their mind, body and life. I do this through group facilitation, workshops, classes and 1-1s.

If you’d like to work with me please get in touch.

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