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Workplace Wellbeing

Providing support and solutions to improve performance, people and culture 

An investment in wellbeing is an investment in better business. Productivity and profitability increases when employees’ health and wellbeing is proactively supported. 

I offer consultancy to businesses to understand exactly what they need to improve things. Then I deliver impactful coaching programmes to make the changes necessary.

I help to prevent burnout, reduce absenteeism, improve performance, increase retention and boost morale. 


To read more about my services, download this pack here

Having worked in Media Production for 8+ years, I also have first hand experience dealing with stress and leading teams who are under pressure, resulting in a deep understanding of your people and your culture.


As a non binary person I also offer training and support to improve equality, inclusivity and diversity within the workplace.

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Support your teams to feel better so they perform better

What you would get:

  • Wellbeing Consultancy and Strategy

  • Interactive Workshops

  • Mental Health Awareness Training

  • One-to-one staff coaching support

  • Resources for staff 

I teach wellbeing strategies to enhance mindset, performance and health.


Offering a 360 Mind-Body solution from my multitudes of training in NLP, Personal Training, Performance Coaching and Mindfulness, I have all the tools to support you and your team.

Brinny (Also) Does

Trans+ Awareness Training 

LGBTQIA+ Inclusion and Allyship Training 

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Email to find out more


By investing in my services you will improve wellbeing across your business, improve performance and culture. So let's have a conversation and I can build a package bespoke to suit.

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