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The Trans+ Club

Online membership to support your mental and physical health

£18.99 per month

Inside the Club

Structured Strength Program

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Mindfulness Meditations

Trans & Non-Binary Community

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As a member of the Trans+ Club you will receive a strength training program to follow at home or in the gym, plus mobility and stretch videos, shorter workouts when you have less time and a collection of Mindfulness Meditations to support your mental health. For more information check out the FAQs below.

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  • What's included in the monthly membership?
    You will receive the following: 2 x strength workouts per week (ranging from 30-45 mins) 1 x 10-15 min workout (for when you have less time) Library of mobility and stretch videos Library of mindfulness meditations Check ins and self care reminders Resources to manage your stress, build resilience and find joy
  • What happens step by step after I choose my membership?
    When you click on the 'Join Now' link you will go to a checkout page, put your card details in if you want to join the club. Once you've Set Up Your Subscription you will go through a set up process to access the App I use, called Trainerize. You will be asked to complete a comprehensive consultation form. Once you've done this you can Download the App and will be set an email to do this. Once you've created a profile on the app you can go into the app and see your mind and body workouts. You will also want to check your messages in the app. If at any point you need support reach out to me on email. You will receive two emails from me in the sign up process! Important notes: If you set up your account for the app after checking out, you do not have to do this via email. Also the app will ask you to input your height and weight. This is a feature I cannot customise. My coaching is inclusive of all bodies and I do not advocate for weight loss programs. So please put '0' into this section if you prefer.
  • How much is membership?
    Your monthly membership costs £18.99. For that you receive a structured strength program that changes slightly each month, follow along movement sessions plus mindfulness meditations to help you reduce stress, be kinder to yourself and improve your mind-body connection.
  • Who is the trans+ club for?
    This club is exclusively for transgender, non binary and gender non conforming folks. If you identify as trans+ then you are welcome in the club. It is a safe, affirming space for you to work on your mental and physical health with my support and the a community to uplift you!
  • What mental health support is included?
    You will get access to my Mindfulness meditations and mind classes to support your mental health. My practices centre around self compassion and kindness, helping you to build a better relationship towards yourself. Practices will help you to reduce your stress, be kinder to yourself and feel more confident. The club is not about pushing you to be positive all the time or smash your goals. It is about meeting yourself where you’re at, doing what you can and cultivating kindness towards yourself. It’s here to help you build healthy habit for your mental and physical health.
  • How can you help me with my mental health?
    It is my aim to support your mental health through the Mindfulness meditations and Mind Classes within the app. I also hope by moving your body you’ll really feel the benefits that has on your mind. If you ever feel like you need extra support email me and we can discuss 1-2-1 coaching.
  • What are the movement workouts like?
    Each movement session is designed to help you build strength and improve mobility in your whole body. Using free weights, bodyweight and sometimes gym equipment (adaptions are suggested).
  • How can I gain access to the community?
    You will have access to the Trans+ Club telegram group when you join the club. It’s like WhatsApp. On there you will see channels for different topics to help keep everything organised and easy to navigate. The community telegram will be the place to: chat and support each other, access helpful resources from me, ask questions about workouts and mind classes, get tech support, read pdfs on mindfulness, nutrition and self care and read these FAQs again.
  • How do I gain access to the app?
    When you join the club you will receive an email to set yourself up on the app. You’ll be able to download it onto your phone so it’s really easy to access!
  • Do we ever get live support with you?
    I’ll be part of the telegram community cheering you on and will be there to answer any questions when you need me to! I have designed the club for you to have everything you need with less live support from me.
  • What's your approach like as a coach?
    I am passionate about helping people connect to their minds and bodies in affirming, inclusive and joyful ways. For years I’ve supported people to take better care of themselves on their own terms. I truly believe movement, exercise and mindfulness can be great tools for self care, self enquiry, awareness and connection, if we use them in ways that feel safe, inclusive and accessible to us. And that’s my aim with the work I do and the spaces I create. To be inclusive of all people, identities and bodies. And help people to access practices in ways that feel good for them.
  • Can I join from anywhere in the world?
    Yes! The club is fully online. So if you are a trans+ adult you can join the club.
  • Are there gym and at home options?
    Each movement session is designed to be done at home or in the gym. For each movement session you will need 2 pairs of dumbbells wherever you are doing them, 1 lighter, 1 heavier.
  • Are the movement sessions scheduled onto specific days?
    Yes. You can move them around on calendar tab in the app to suit your schedule and energy though.
  • What happens if I miss a movement session?
    That’s OK. It will still be there for you to do at a time that suits you. Be kind to yourself about missing it too. Sometimes our energy or our schedule means we can’t do exactly what we set out to do! I’d advise trying to go for a walk, even round the block, on the days you don’t do a movement session. Then you can come to the session another day, when you’re feeling like it.
  • If I have a question where do I ask it?
    In the group chat on Telegram there are specific channels depending on your question. There are channels for ‘Movement Program Questions’ and ‘Mind Class Questions’ so feel free to drop your questions there, either I or someone else will reply!
  • I am a complete beginner to movement and exercise - can I still join the club?
    Yes! All abilities and levels are welcome! I’ve designed the club so you can join as a beginner. In the app you will have demo videos of each movement with instructions too. And if you’re ever unsure about anything drop me an email or message in our group chat!
  • I have been working out for a while in the gym and at home, is the club still a good option for me?
    Yes. It will help you add variety and novelty to your training, keep consistent, have an amazing community to connect to and teach you new things. I hope!
  • I am unable to perform certain movements - what should I do?
    Head into the telegram group channel ‘Movement Adaptations’ and explain what you’re unable to do and I can help suggest a different movement. If you experience any pain during certain movements please consult your doctor and consider booking a physio appointment.
  • Can the club help me prep and recover from top surgery?
    Yes it can. I have supported trans+ humans to prepare and recover from top surgery. It’s important to note that the workouts in the club are programmed in the same way for everyone. Building strength and muscle in your body before surgery can be really beneficial, so working out 4-6 months ahead of it can really help. Everyone is different post surgery, beginning to workout 8-10 weeks post surgery, slowly and mindfully, is advisable. When you join the club let me know (if you want to) what stage you’re at. Then I can support you better. I would always advise getting guidance from your health care provider(s) and/or surgeon as well, to get the best support. Please feel free to email me as well at
  • How can the club help me with my gender identity?
    While acknowledging everyone’s experience is different I want the Trans+ Club to help affirm who you are and be a space you feel comfortable to explore your gender identity in. We will have different channels in our community to talk about gender identity, share trans+ joy and affirm each other. I also think having safe and affirming spaces like this will help you to feel more confident in your identity too.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    You can self-cancel - to do this you can log into the web version of Trainerize, go to 'My Purchases' and 'Cancel Auto-renew'
  • If I need extra support can I work with you 1-2-1?
    Yes. If you feel after reading this you’d like extra support then drop me an email and we can discuss working together 1-2-1.


Build confidence in mind, body and life

Create a better relationship to movement and exercise

Connect to community 


Improve your stress, sleep,
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One-to-one Coaching

I also work with people one-to-one, online and in person.

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