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Mind – Body Development

This coaching package is for those wanting to improve every aspect of life and health.

As a Coach I have the tools to help you feel your fittest - mentally, physically and emotionally. So, whatever you're looking to improve, change or transform I can help. 

Mind-Body Development supports every aspect of your wellbeing 

through life coaching sessions and personal training.



Gain unstoppable confidence to create a life you really love.

This package will help you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, reclaim your confidence and embrace your authenticity. I'll provide the tools and strategies you need to improve your mental, social and physical health.


We'll explore what you want from life, work, relationships and fitness. We'll set clear goals, values and purpose. We'll then work together to overcome the challenges you're facing. 

You can work with me for 3 month or 2 years, the choice is yours. Some of you will need and want more life coaching sessions, while others will want more support with fitness and movement training. 

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Whatever support you need I'll support and
empower you to make the changes you want to.


What you get:

  • one to one life coaching sessions

  • one to one personal training sessions

  • coaching resources and support beyond sessions

  • access to me via WhatsApp whenever you need (within reason, lol)

You'll have my support and guidance to become the fittest you've ever been mentally and physically, whatever that means to you. 

You'll get the tools you need to deal with the challenges you may be facing or thinking about, strategies to manage your emotions and make better decisions. And most importantly you'll get to a point where you really feel a shift in how you feel towards yourself, your life and your future.

We will focus on the areas that need most attention. That's the benefit of working with me. I have tools and knowledge to help you enhance your mind, your fitness, your health, your work. You tell me the focus, the priority and that's where we'll put our attention. We get to decide the balance.

Book in blocks of 4, 6, 12

Not sure you can afford me? Remember Brinny Does You, so it's always worth having a conversation so I can build a package bespoke to you.

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