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Ready to reduce
stress and find calm?
My Mind Coaching can help you improve how you think, feel and live for the better.

Hello, I'm Emily! 

As a Coach 

I am here to help you improve your mindset so you can feel happier and healthier.


My coaching will help you feel calmer, more confident and courageous to be, do and have what makes you feel good.

You'll understand yourself better, create mindful habits, improve behaviours and learn how to take better care of yourself. 

I create a calm, confidential, safe and supportive space for you to process how you're feeling, shift your mindset and improve your life. 

My coaching is grounded in techniques from NLP, Mindfulness and Personal Development Coaching, to help you make positive change, improve your behaviour and prioritise your wellbeing. 

In your coaching sessions we will pinpoint the changes you’d like to make, explore the specific obstacles you are facing and work together to overcome those so you can ultimately feel better. 

I'll help you set realistic goals, celebrate your progress, reflect on your learnings and be kind to yourself during the coaching journey and beyond. 


Want to find out more? 

Let's chat. 


Mind Coaching

One to one coaching
in a safe, supportive, non-judgemental environment to help you feel better in mind, body and life

60 minutes 


in-person in Manchester, UK

or online via Zoom


Support and tailored resources are provided in between our time together

6 sessions over 3 months recommended to make real positive change 

LGBTQ+, queer, trans+ friendly (always!)

To find out more

Interested in Movement Coaching?

As a Movement Coach I help people to connect to themselves and their bodies in a kinder way. 

Movement and exercise play integral roles in us feeling happier and healthier but it can be hard for us to approach movement in a positive way. I'm here to help you incorporate movement and exercise into your life in a way that feels right, safe and fun for you. My approach is anti diet culture, inclusive of all bodies and mental health driven. 

If you're interested to work together let's chat. 



in-person in Manchester, UK

at co-working space:

Department Bonded Warehouse



via Zoom

Anywhere in the world

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