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Case Studies


(she/her) Queer. Early 30s. 
Freelance Editor & Musician. 

New to exercise and looking for a long term solution for their exercise motivation, this client had a weekly budget of £50. This meant we could train 1-1 for an hour per week. In sessions their focus was on the amount of fun they were having and my focus was making sure they did the right exercises to the right intensity. After 12 weeks the client was physically fitter but that wasn't the important part, what was important was the consistent training, the joy and inspiration they had to train and the knowledge that feeling good to their body impacted feeling good in their mind.

What we transformed... 
  • Confidence in self and exercise 

  • Physical strength and fitness 

  • Motivation to workout 

  • Routine and self care 

  • Consistency to exercise and workout 

  • Anxiety around exercise and social situations 

  • Lifestyle and healthy habits - drinking less, hiking more, setting boundaries

How we did it...
  • Weekly one-to-one sessions, in person - making it supportive and fun! 

  • Using my app to follow bespoke training plan, record workouts, activity and track progress 

  • Setting clear, realistic, sustainable goals 

  • Regular check-in's outside of session 

  • Scheduling in workouts around socials, work and rest  

  • Providing clear guidance on nutrition, sleep, recovery and stress management 

  • Teaching client about principles of strength training

  • Teaching compound lifts and movements for strength and functional fitness 

  • Helping client to set boundaries and develop healthy relationships to support overall lifestyle 

Gradient - IG Story copy.jpg

Now this client workouts regularly and has done for the past year, since they started working with me. They are evidently stronger, lifting heavier and looking fitter too. Their mental health has vastly improved and they are better equipped to deal with hectic and often unpredictable routines as a freelance editor and touring musician. They continue to work with me online to ensure they maintain consistency with training, can push themselves to hit new strength goals and can navigate their ADHD diagnosis with support. 

Just like this client did you can make positive changes to improve your
mind, body and life. 

Gradient - IG Story copy.jpg


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