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Case Studies


(she/her) Mid-20s. 
Freelance Designer. 

Feeling overwhelmed without a routine, this client wanted support to create
a work-life balance as a freelancer, while dealing with anxiety. They invested
in weekly mind-body sessions to include physical strength training fo
r £250
a month. 12 months on they've gone beyond what they set out to achieve; now attracting consistent clients, managing anxiety and actually enjoying regular exercise.

What we transformed... 
  • Personal confidence to deal with anxiety 

  • Professional confidence in being freelance, pitching for work and communication 

  • How to deal with uncertainty 

  • How to develop a thriving freelance career 

  • Establishing strategies to deal with pressure and workload

  • Relationship to exercise and movement 

  • Ability to exercise and train without a coach 

  • Having never done any resistance or strength training before 

How we did it...
  • Planning and setting goals for the future as a freelancer 

  • Dealing with fears and unknowns head on and improving unhelpful thought patterns

  • Developing growth mindset to push self out of comfort zone

  • Setting work and life values - to avoid taking on unfulfilling projects

  • Developed healthy habits and self care rhythms around an unpredictable freelance life

  • Developed communication skills to influence, persuade, negotiate and sell 

  • Created a healthy work/life blend to enable time off  

  • Ensured social connections and activities were prioritised

  • Created a positive relationship to exercise and movement through mindfulness 

  • Actively encouraged healthy comfort zone 

  • Improving digital wellbeing to lower self comparison, improve sleep and reduce distraction 

Specific tools we used... 
  • Goal Setting models for long term visualisation and short term strategies 

  • Surfing Your Stress Waves - to understand stress response and how to deal with it 

  • NLP State Change - Anchoring 

  • Values elicitation - to improve life and work decisions 

  • Comfort Zone - to understand when and where to push self for growth 

  • Pressure Threshold - to manage energy and prevent burnout

  • Resilience Model - to develop strengths to withstand stress and pressure 

  • Hot Cross Bun - to improve anxiety and labels thoughts, behaviours, feelings and emotions 

  • Fear Setting Framework - to address the 'what if's' head on 

  • What If/Then Planning - to reduce freelance anxiety 

  • Work Trusted Triangle - to define what freelance to say YES and NO to 

  • Yoga Nidra - for sleep, relaxation, switching off the thinking mind 

  • Emotions Wheel - to process feelings, to manage anxiety and build emotional awareness

  • Affirmation Work - to develop self-supporting statements

To improve relationship to exercise, movement and body...

  • One-to-one in person coaching - to teach the fundamentals of strength training 

  • One-to-one mind coaching - to ensure we developed a compassionate, healthy mindset towards exercise

  • Breathwork - to use during sessions and exercise 

  • Mindfulness Meditations - to use before, during or after working out and moving their body 

  • Intuitive movement principles - to reframe any toxic beliefs about exercise, movement and body image

  • Providing clear and structured plans to follow to suit specific goals and needs 

Gradient - IG Story copy.jpg

Now dealing with stress and anxiety proactively, this client has developed a healthy work/life balance, are attracting consistent freelance work and setting ambitious goals for a meaningful future. They are going to the gym on a regular basis, improving strength and technique while actually enjoying the process!  They've now set goals around movement they never thought possible. And we continue to work together online. 

What they say 

You’ve helped me to understand and appreciate that any bumps in the road are temporary and taught me healthy ways to deal in both work and life. Most of all you’ve helped me fall in love with the PLAY side of life and how important moving is not only for my body but my mind too. 


Very much enjoying and looking forward to the rest of the time we’ve got to work together. 

Just like this client did you can make positive changes to improve your
mind, body and life. 

Gradient - IG Story copy.jpg


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