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One Off Services

Choose a one-off package to improve your life right now. 
Brinny Does logo for mind-body development one off service

Brinny Does
Stress Management

Initial Consultation + 90 minute Session + comprehensive follow up guidance. Supporting you straight away to understand your unique stress response and how to regulate it with takeaway tools and strategies to help. 

1 hr 30 min


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Brinny Does
Career Coaching

Initial Consultation + 90 minute online session + comprehensive follow up guidance. Ideal for those wanting to change careers, go freelance or improve where they're at. 

1 hr 30 min


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Brinny Does
Inclusive Fitness Programming

Initial Consultation + 12 week Training Program. Building a bespoke program for you, whoever you are, whatever your starting point, to give you confidence in achieving your goals. 

1 hr


After having a 'One-Off' session you can then commit to one of my packages.

If your looking for Workplace Wellbeing, head to this page...

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