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Build strength for life
My Movement Coaching will help you improve your relationship to exercise and your body. Empowering you to connect to movement in a happier and healthier way. 

Hello, I'm Emily! 

As a Movement Coach

I can help you train and move your body in a supportive, inclusive and fun way. 

I believe we can all enjoy exercise and movement if we reframe our relationship to it. Focusing on the health benefits of movement not the pressures to look a certain way. 

As a fully qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer I have the tools and knowledge to find what works for you. 

I help my clients to focus on building strength, increasing mobility and improving their fitness for life not summer. 

Working with me will enable you to create healthy and flexible habits so they you can enjoy your life and feel good about yourself.

It's my mission to be inclusive of all people and bodies, make my coaching intuitive and empowering. 

Want to find out more? 

Let's chat. 


Movement Coaching

One to one coaching
in person or online

I will teach you how to build strength, increase mobility

and reframe your relationship to exercise and movement 


After an in depth Discovery Session we will build a

Movement and Exercise Programme that feels right for you

Whether you're training with me in person or online you will have access to my App

helping you to instil healthy habits, train more consistently and be in touch with me

whenever you need 

My approach is supportive, intuitive, fun and inclusive 


3 months commitment is recommended to make real positive change 

There our a few different ways we can work together 

so if you're interested to find out more let's chat

Interested in Mind Coaching?

As well as training our bodies it's vital to train our minds so we can feel our best, deal with life's challenges and understand ourselves even more. That's why I offer both Mind and Movement Coaching. 


As an NLP Practitioner I work with people one on one to manage their thoughts, behaviours and emotions so they can feel happier and healthier in life. This is an integral part of my work. I believe how we think is who we are and therefore dictates how we live. Thankfully that can change and I am here to help you with that. 

Mind and Movement

The strongest combination to improving your whole health. 

I believe to feel happy and healthy we need to exercise our minds and our bodies, not just one. And that's what I'm here to help you with. To build strength in mind and body and improve your confidence, self esteem and belief at the same time.



In person in Manchester, UK 

at co-working space: 

Department Bonded Warehouse


via Zoom

Anywhere in the world

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