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Health & Fitness

Improve your wellbeing by exercising and moving
in a way that feels good for you and your body.

Through my movement and exercising coaching you'll shift your attitude to exercise, get fitter, stronger and develop a positive mindset to why you're doing it! 

You will feel more confidence in mind and body

We'll do things differently, we'll make it fun, we'll make it creative,

we'll make it about you, your goals, your needs.

No should's, no musts, no pressure. 

Just your wants, needs, choices. 

This is for you if... 

You want to enjoy exercise 

You want to move for your mind

You want to improve your health 

You want to improve your relationship to exercise 

Commercials gyms aren't your thing 

You want a queer non binary coach 

 I also offer specific and tailored solutions and make my coaching as inclusive as possible. I've supported clients with cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia, hearing impairments and those who have had top surgery or are preparing for it.

An image of Brinny delivering a fitness, movement class.
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Together we'll create a flexible, enjoyable and sustainable way for you to fit exercise and taking care of your health.

It's my mission to be inclusive of all people and bodies, make my coaching intuitive
and empowering.


You don't need access to a gym to develop a healthy movement and exercise routine.
If you tell me the setting you want to work in, I'll make it work for you

You will get:

  • one to one sessions

  • weekly check in via call , voice note, email, text - whichever you prefer

  • coaching resources and support beyond sessions

  • Exercise and movement practices tailored to you built into my mobile app.

  • access to me via WhatsApp whenever you need (within reason, lol)

You'll have my support and guidance to become the fittest you've ever been mentally and physically, whatever that means to you.

We can work together online or in person. If you're interested to find out more let's chat!

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Book in blocks of 4, 6, 12

Not sure you can afford me? Remember Brinny Does You, so it's always worth having a conversation so I can build a package bespoke to you.

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