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Train your body and your mind 
The strongest combination.
My Mind and Movement Coaching will help you improve your whole health.


Hello, I'm Emily! 

Mind and Movement

How we feel impacts how we move and how we move impacts how we feel. That's why I bring Mind and Movement Coaching together.

I believe to feel happy and healthy we need to exercise our minds and our bodies, not just one. I'm here to help you feel better about who you are, what you do and how you move.  


I'll help you build strength in mind and body and improve your confidence, self esteem and belief at the same time.

I can help you reconnect to your body in a kind, compassionate way. Anti-diet culture approach and inclusive of all bodies. 

By having a combination of Mind and Movement Coaching you'll be able to improve your mindset which will impact how you feel about movement and your life. 

Want to find out more? 

Let's chat. 

Client Testimonial

"Emily helped me to improve my relationship to movement, exercise and body image as well as navigating big life changes. I no longer feel guilty for resting and listening to what my body needs. I have discovered new ways of moving that feel supportive, intuitive and fun. I now feel more confident and trusting in myself and have made big shifts in my life professionally and personally!"

- Fran Bibby, Producer


Mind and Movement 

One to one coaching

This way of working with me is the strongest combination

Being able to work on your Mind and Movement at the same time will enable you to improve how you feel mentally and physically, which will have such a positive impact on your life, relationships and how you feel about yourself 

You would have a combination of regular one to one Mind and Movement sessions

In your Mind sessions we would explore whatever you wanted and needed to, whether that's how to reduce stress, manage anxiety, improve your confidence, relationships, set boundaries or make a life change, I am qualified and experienced to support you 


It may be that you want to specifically work on improving your relationship to movement, exercise and your self image and if that's the case I can help with that too 

In your Movement sessions we would explore how to build an intuitive and mindful relationship with movement and exercise, helping you to feel happier and more empowered to move your body and experience the mental benefits too 

Specifically I can help you train for life so you feel stronger and more mobile

I bring the principles of Mindfulness into everything I do, helping my clients to build compassion, awareness and curiosity into their lives ​

By working with me you will improve the relationship you have with yourself, your life and exercise 

My approach is all about making you feel comfortable and at ease 

Tailored support and resources are provided 

3 months committed is recommended to make lasting positive change 

To find out more

My Offerings

You can work with me in different ways. The strongest combination is having Mind and Movement Coaching. You can of course focus on one offering to start with. The choice is yours. Before any coaching begins you can book a free consultation to work out what the best approach is for you. 



in Manchester, UK

Co-working space: Department Bonded Warehouse


via Zoom

Anywhere in the world

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