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"Everyone needs an Brinny in their life."

Client Testimonials


Fran Bibby
- Producer

Brinny helped me to improve my relationship to movement, exercise and body image. I no longer feel guilty for resting and listening to what my body needs."


Ben Gifford
- Engineer

Every area of my life has improved from working with Brinny. I feel calmer and better able to manage my stress. I am in a really good place now with a definite sense of purpose and direction in my life.


Claire Carlo
- HR Manager

I really can't thank Brinny enough for helping me reconnect with myself and rebuild my self belief. Brinny helped me to achieve more calm, a better stress response and more confidence in myself to manage things long-term. 


Becky Franks
- Head of UX & Optimisation

Brinny helped me to reflect on what I enjoy most and where to focus my energy in work and life. I was able to ask myself difficult questions and create an action plan to achieve my goals. I felt very positive and comfortable when working with Brinny. Even talking about my worries, Brinny coached me to understand these feelings are OK and we worked out steps to improve them. 


Beccy Irving
- Coach, Head of Talent 

My sessions with Brinny had such an impact in a short space of time. They helped me to create clarity around my own thoughts and feelings while creating small, impactful actions to take. Brinny's approach is professional, objective and friendly. They make you feel comfortable to talk freely. 


Kez Warburton
- General Manager
& PhD student

Brinny's helped me to feel more confident, set clear boundaries and manage daily overwhelm. I feel less guilty and stressed for prioritising myself. I now have more balance between work and my personal life and take better care of myself. 


Rivca Burns
- Events Director

I now have more self confidence, trust and belief! I feel proud for exploring and embracing my vulnerabilities. Brinny listens, is patient and provides you with the tools and techniques you need to keep on track. I would 100% recommend Brinny.


Betty Warburton
- Head of Post Production

Brinny has taught me how to manage my stress, improve my working environment and the key relationships in my life. Brinny doesn't judge or instruct, they listens, helps you open up and approach things in a more positive light.


Nicola Matthewman-Ward
- Creative

I am more self aware, feel more empowered and have gained the tools I need to ease my stress, worry and improve my confidence. Brinny is warm, positive, full of energy and approachable. They puts you at ease. Everyone should have an Brinny in their life!


Lizzy Holroyd
- Marketing & Comms Manager 

Brinny helped me to feel more positive about myself and my life. I now approach my days differently. I no longer stand in my own way. I am more confident about myself and the choices I make.


Emily Wood
- Hotel Manager

Coaching with Brinny has had a huge impact on my life. I have more confidence and feel at ease with who I am. I've been promoted at work, started a relationship and feel calmer everyday. Brinny helped me manage my ADD and thoughts more effectively.


Charli Sumner-Bedford
- Events Manager

When I started working with Brinny I had no job, was living at home and not confronting my anxiety. Brinny's coaching helped me to break down my personal challenges and goals into smaller chunks. I now have control of my life. I have a full time job, stable income, a better relationship with myself and live a much healthier lifestyle. 

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